Something For Free

Something for free is great but it does not pay the bills.   It has to be good and clean and something that everyone needs right now.  Hey I got it I could sell cars.  The only problem is that we are competing against ourselves.

Because imports do not have to pay a tariff to bring them into the county.  But we have to pay delivery costs!  On a vehicle  that cost a dime or  a quarter on the dollar to build.  So the start of a great event is happening in our country.  We are finally not letting these companies leave the country to make cheap cars.

Just think if that happened years ago.  We might not have lost car models we loved to drive.   I have driven Pontiac since the beginning of time.  This country did need a big stir we no longer live in 1867.  Change can be good in moderation.  Just think about what you really want now!

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